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What IS Wellness Coaching?

Wellness Coaching is a dynamic partnership that engages client and coach conversations - building awareness and knowledge, inspiring great intentions and eliminating barriers by empowering clients to live fully expressed, healthy lives while harnessing them with the greatest success to achieve their goals.

During your Wellness Coaching session we will:


  • discuss your wellness goals and current health and lifestyle status

  • assess your readiness for change

  • establish short and long-term goals 

  • educate you; understand what your bio-health markers mean: blood pressure, bloodwork panel, nutrient deficiencies, learning how to fuel yourself adequately

  • achieve positive work-life balance, promote self-care habits & find your true passions & personal fulfilment

  • celebrate non-scale wins and body composition changes

  • identify barriers and implement problem-solving strategies for continued success

  • emotional reflection, building self-worth, confidence & self-efficacy

  • practice mindful-based meditation, relaxation, stress management techniques & establish healthy coping strategies

  • adjust macros, meal plans & workout programs as needed for clients using these services

ALL coaching clients have unlimited email and text communication with me outside of our schedule sessions. I am here to support you EVERY step of the way.

Sessions are available in weekly & bi-weekly packages as well as monthly sessions. All sessions are 30-minutes long and facilitated via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp.




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Summer months are a time of drinks, BBQ food and friendship. But it’s also that time of year when many people GAIN weight. We are all more relaxed, we let loose and, well, a few months of patios, cookouts and gatherings lead to a few extra pounds come September.

My Summer Survival Recipe E-Book is designed to help you NOT gain unwanted weight during the summer months and STILL have a great time! I’ve included my favorite savoury and sweet summer recipes for you all to enjoy with the macronutrients included. I’ve also included my favorite macro-friendly cocktails so you can STILL enjoy a few drinks and not worry about all the calories that many alcoholic beverages come with. 

I hope you like this recipe e-book as much as I did creating it! Enjoying the foods you love should never come in the way of your fat loss goals. 



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NOTE: If you have not taken the Shred With M Fat Loss Foundations Program it is highly encouraged you do so FIRST prior to purchasing the Shred 2.0 Program.


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